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Ohio Kicks Off Road Construction Season With 990 projects

road construction with barrels
ODOT plans to work on 990 road projects.
17, 2015

The Ohio Department of Transportation has officially kicked off construction season in the state.

Ohio House Clears $7 Billion Transportation Budget

The Ohio House Tuesday approved a $7-Billion transportation budget and sent it to the Ohio Senate for debate.
3, 2015

Prospective Ohio drivers would see added training requirements and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles would be allowed to accept credit and debit cards under a state transportation budget that easily cleared the Ohio House on Tuesday.

Road Salt Prices Increasing Up To 300 Percent For Ohio Counties

Salt companies are saying last year’s seemingly endless winter drained their inventories, so the high costs are simply reflect how high the demand is compared to the limited supply.
27, 2014

It may be in the upper 80s today, but the state and local communities are already thinking about the coming winter. And they’re looking at some bills for road salt that are stopping them cold.

Contractors Worried About Funding For Road Projects

The Obama administration has suggested a $300 billion plan to change corporate tax laws and close loopholes, but lawmakers could also dip into the treasury for short-term funding.
23, 2014

As road construction season gets underway in Ohio, some in the industry are worried about the flow of money from the federal government to help pay for the projects drivers will see next year.

ODOT Gets Zero Bids On Salt Plan For Local Communities

snow plow
Ohio has used more than 880,000 tons of salt since the start of this unusually cold and snowy winter. That doesn't include the salt used by local governments on local roads.
17, 2014

The department wanted to buy 150,000 tons of salt for communities and then have them to return the salt after they replenish their supplies. But no salt companies bid in the 10-day window that ended Friday.

Overhauled Ramps Should Ease Downtown Commute

Traffic around the I-71/I-670 interchange often slowed to a crawl with many on-ramps and off-ramps closed for two years. The ramps reopened on Monday.
12, 2013

Aside from an overnight snow, the commute into downtown Columbus should be easier Tuesday morning with the reopening of several on-ramps and off-ramps.

ODOT Lays Out $3 Billion In Contracts

File photo
July 26, 2013

The Ohio Department of Transportation has released a draft transportation plan for new projects in early every part of the state.

Crashes Shut Down Interstates Around Ohio

Interstate 71 north of Columbus reopened after crashes were cleared away
16, 2013

Crashes on interstate highways east and north of Columbus Saturday caused big delays before both routes were able to reopen.

State Closing Rest Stop Information Centers

A rest area on the Ohio Turnpike in northern Ohio.
28, 2013

The state is eliminating 34 jobs staffing 11 information centers along Ohio’s interstate highways and one on at the Statehouse in Columbus.

New ODOT Website Helps Show The Way

ODOT traffic center ohgo-dot-com
Information gathered at ODOT's traffic control center will automatically appear on its new website.
15, 2013

The Ohio Department of Transportation has unveiled a new web tool to help drivers avoid traffic jams and road closures.