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Columbus Looks For Passenger Depot Site

10, 2009

The city of Columbus is scheduled to receive $16 million in federal stimulus money for mass transit projects. The money could be spent on a variety of things including the construction of a light rail passenger terminal. But that would still leave Columbus without a passenger depot for Governor Strickland’s planned rail corridor connecting Columbus with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Where would that train station be built? One spot could be transformed into a station fairly quickly.

Trains Can Provide Options for Commuters

9, 2008

Passenger rail is a big part of Ohio’s history and some are hoping it will also play a role in Ohio’s future. The Ohio Hub project would link Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland to much of the nation by rail. Governor Strickland supports the plan, but as WOSU’s Lauren Schmoll reports… It will still face many challenges.

Columbus Remembers Coretta Scott King

31, 2006

Columbus is remembering Coretta Scott King. The widow of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Junior died early this morning. She was 78. The Alabama Native and graduate of Ohio’s Antioch College will be remembered for her quiet, impassioned allegiance to the cause of human rights.