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“Rascal” Mobile Hospital Offers Low-Cost Spay, Neuter for Ohio’s Cats and Dogs

A tortoiseshell cat recovers after surgery aboard the Rascal Unit van.
January 31, 2007

Dr. Michelle Gonzalez has an office in Dublin but she sees patients all over the state. In March, Gonzalez began operating RASCAL, a surgical animal hospital on wheels. Since the first clinic last April, Gonzalez has sterilized about 3,500 cats and dogs. She goes to places where residents don’t make much money or where there’s a shortage of veterinary care.

Columbus’ Feral Cats Sterilized, Returned to the “Wild”

One of an estimated 1 million Central Ohio feral or stray cats
January 30, 2007

Thousands of Central Ohioans routinely take care of stray cats and dogs. They volunteer at shelters, provide foster care in their homes, take food and water to feral animals. Then there are those who trap unadoptable strays, have them sterilized, and return them to the places they came from. It’s called TNR; Trap, Neuter, Return.