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Columbus Officials Turn On Charm To Attract NCAA Final Four

City officials show off the city's best attractions for an NCAA Final Four committee.
September 10, 2014

Members of the NCAA site selection committee are checking out Columbus this week as the possible location for a Women’s Final Four sometime in the future.

OSU Kicks Off Season Full Of Questions, New Players

Braxton Miller is a two-time Big Ten Player of the Year. He'll miss the entire 2014 season after re-injuring his surgically-repaired shoulder.
29, 2014

For the first time since 2011, the OSU football team will open a season without Braxton Miller as its starting quarterback.

OSU Readies For Rare Matchup With Dayton

OSU seniors Lenzelle Smith Jr. (left) and Aaron Craft play their first game against the University of Dayton today. it's the first time the schools have played since 2008 and just the tenth time ever.
20, 2014

The Ohio State men’s basketball team tips off NCAA tournament play today against the University of Dayton, which is an interesting match-up for several reasons.

Sports World Turns To Dayton For NCAA Games

University of Dayton Arena is once again hosting NCAA tournament games, including Ohio State University's game against Iona on Friday.
20, 2013

There may not be any President or Prime Ministers visiting Dayton for this year’s NCAA tournament games, but there’s still plenty of excitement surrounding the games.

Columbus Reacts To Penn State Sanctions

nittany lion
The NCAA handed down penalties to Penn State Monday following a child abuse sex scandal.
24, 2012

As the NCAA penalties handed down to Penn State sink in over in Happy Valley following the sex abuse scandal that shocked the collegiate sports world, WOSU reports people in Columbus have strong reactions to the sanctions.

Smith Downplays NCAA Violations

File photo
May 24, 2012

Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith now says 12 NCAA violations, which follow 46 secondary violations, are also minor in nature.

Ohio State Reports 46 Minor NCAA Violations

20, 2012

Ohio State, already under NCAA probation for players getting cash, tattoos and too-high summer wages, committed 46 minor violations across 21 sports since football coach Jim Tressel was forced to resign last May 30.

Should College Basketball Players Have To Stay Longer?

Posted: April 5, 2012

The early departure of OSU star forward Jared Sullinger and the rise of the freshman-led Kentucky Wildcats are raising the question of whether the NCAA or NBA require basketball players stay more than one year.

The Men Of The OSU Women’s Basketball Team

From left: Charles Flinn, Steve Laake, Lordell Horne, Nate Rossi, Julio Gracia, and Roy Niederlander take a break during a recent practice.
16, 2012

They’re barred from competing in games, but nine men are officially part of the Ohio State women’s basketball team.

What Are Your Final Four Picks?

Posted: March 14, 2012

Which teams do you think will make it to the final rounds in New Orleans and Denver?