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Lack of Funding Closes Native American Center

27, 2007

A center in Columbus that provides food, clothing and health services to Native Americans is closed for financial reasons. And the executive director is not sure when the center will have enough money to reopen.

Native Flute Pre-Dates America’s First Thanksgiving

23, 2005

Identifiable sounds of the season can be strong reminders of holidays past. A seasonal bell, a turkey gobble, or dinner table conversation can trigger memories. But a sound that’s been part of the American landscape since before the first Thanksgiving is rarely heard and one central Ohio resident is working to change that.

Native Americans Protest Santa Maria Replica

13, 2005

Busloads of school children went aboard the city of Columbus’ Santa Maria replica to mark the official observance of Columbus Day. Built in 1991, the Santa Maria is an authentic recreation of Christopher Columbus’s flagship. But ever since its arrival in central Ohio 13 years ago, the ship has been the object of protest by Native Americans.