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Major Expansion Set For Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nationwide Children's Hospital will add two new buildings at a cost of more than $120 million.
23, 2014

Nationwide Children’s Hospital has announced a $130 million expansion.

Top Columbus Companies Bet On Big Data

Columbus' largest businesses have formed Columbus Collaboratory to share consumer data.
March 12, 2014

Seven of Columbus’s biggest firms are making a big bet on big data. They have joined together to form a new company to collect and share information. It’s called the Columbus Collaboratory and leaders say it will create 100 new jobs.

Affordable Care Act Calculator: Crunch The Numbers For You

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment begins on Oct. 1, figure out what this means for you.
September 26, 2013

Use this interactive calculator to figure out premiums on the Affordable Care Act for you and your family.

Nationwide Now Says More Than One Million Exposed in Data Breach

File photo
6, 2012

The Columbus-based company says an October data breach resulted in the exposure of birthdays, Social Security numbers, and other personal information of more than 1.1 million people.

Public-Private Arena Not Off Table To Help Blue Jackets

Nationwide Arena, yo
Nationwide Arena
11, 2011

The Blue Jackets continue to look for a solution to offset their financial losses and avoid a move to another city. WOSU reports a quasi-public arena is a possibility.

Coleman: Nationwide Arena Deal Should Include OSU’s Value City

9, 2010

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said recommendations will be forthcoming soon regarding the future of Nationwide Arena and the Columbus Blue Jackets. And the mayor pushed for a joint management agreement between Nationwide and Value City Arenas.

Nationwide Realty Had Ties To Failed Pittsburgh Casino Bid

18, 2009

One of the leading opponents to a downtown Columbus casino was very much for a similar development in Pittsburgh. Nationwide Realty Investors is credited with guiding the development of the very successful Columbus Arena District. Four years ago Nationwide wanted to build a similar district in Pittsburgh; but that one would have included a casino.

Jackets Sign Nash To Eight-Year Contract Extension

July 10, 2009

The Blue Jackets have signed twenty-five year-old Rick Nash to an 8-year contract extension – reportedly worth more than 62 million. But the contract extension comes at a time when the Jackets are struggling with tens of millions of dollars in losses.

Nationwide Cuts 480 Jobs In Latest Layoffs

3, 2009

A Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. spokesman says the company is laying off 480 people across the country, the latest round of job cuts by the Columbus-based corporation.

Motorcyclists Turn Out for National Ride to Work Day

July 18, 2007

Several hundred motorcycle riding employees at Nationwide Insurance invited other Ohio bikers downtown today. It’s the second year the Columbus-based company has participated in National Ride to Work Day.