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New NHL Labor Talks Bring Optimism

Negotiations lasted for nearly eight hours yesterday in a pair of sessions that included big and smaller groups.
December 5, 2012

NHL owners and players got right back to the bargaining table Wednesday morning just hours after ending a long day of talks that produced the greatest sense for optimism since the lockout began three months ago.

Blue Jackets Pick Davidson To Lead Rebuilding Effort

John Davidson is a former player, a Hall of Fame broadcaster, and the former president of the St. Louis Blues.
October 25, 2012

The Columbus Blue Jackets are hiring former goaltender, announcer and St. Louis Blues executive John Davidson as the club’s president of hockey operations.

Convention Facilities Authority Pledges Transparency

The Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority said it will provide some business transactions made by the private agency that will manage Nationwide Arena.
23, 2012

A comment made recently by the head of the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority has some elected officials questioning the transparency of the agency that will manage Nationwide Arena. WOSU reports the CFA attempted to clarify the statement at its board meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The Business Of Columbus Sports

Nationwide Arena will be the site of the 2013 NHL All-Star Game.
19, 2012

Nationwide Arena has hosted NCAA tournament games three times and will be the home of the 2013 NHL All-Star Game, but will Columbus ever put on a top-flight event like the Super Bowl or Final Four?

Ohio Pro Sports Venues Cost Taxpayers Millions In Upgrades

nationwide arena pic
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
31, 2012

In recent weeks, pro sports teams in Cleveland and Cincinnati have asked government owners of their stadiums for repair money. Here in Columbus, the Blue Jackets are looking to upgrade Nationwide Arena, which is to be owned by taxpayers. WOSU reports on who will pay for the upgrades.

Columbus To Host NHL All-Star Game in 2013

nationwide arena
outside of Nationwide Arena
29, 2012

The Columbus Blue Jackets will host the 2013 edition of the NHL All-Star game.

Columbus Blue Jackets Fire Coach

Columbus Blue Jackets
Columbus Blue Jackets
9, 2012

The Columbus Blue Jackets have faced changes and challenges during the past few years. And Monday the team faces yet another adjustment: its head coach was fired.

Report Shows Blue Jackets’ Ticket Revenue Down

Columbus Blue Jackets
Columbus Blue Jackets
5, 2012

As officials finalize the agreement to buy Nationwide Arena and offer the Blue Jackets free rent, a newly-released report illustrates the team’s financial situation.

Franklin County Commissioners Approve Arena Deal

Columbus Blue Jackets
Columbus Blue Jackets
20, 2011

Franklin County Commissioners, in a unanimous vote, approved the deal that moves forward a city-county purchase of Nationwide Arena.

Franklin County Commissioners Set To Vote On Arena Deal

Franklin County Commissioners are set to vote on the Nationwide Arena purchase deal.
20, 2011

In what should be the final step to finalize a city and county arena purchase, Franklin County Commissioners are expected to vote on the deal Tuesday morning.