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Ohio Tobacco Money On Hold

4, 2008

The Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation is not willing to give the governor and legislative leaders millions of dollars to help fund a $1.5 billion economic stimulus package.

New Economic Stimulus Plan Uses Millions in Tobacco Money

2, 2008

The economic stimulus plan being promoted by Governor Strickland and Republican legislative leaders would take hundreds of millions of dollars from tobacco education efforts.

STEM Schools Recieve Multi-Million Dollar Grant

30, 2008

The plan to create five public schools dedicated to a curriculum of science, technology, engineering and math – STEM – is pushing forward, powered by a multi-million dollar boost from a national foundation.

Money management workshops

21, 2007

Some students from Ohio’s middle schools are the latest to get a lesson in real life finances.

Even More Money for College a Possibility

23, 2007

Officials at state-supported universities and community colleges across Ohio are now hopeful they will receive a boost of government dollars that’s even larger than the one Governor Ted Strickland has proposed. That’s because Republicans who dominate the Ohio House of Representatives are vowing to pump even more state money into higher education.

Ohio Considers One Big Check from Tobacco Companies

12, 2007

Ohio is looking at making changes to the money coming into the state from the multi billion dollar settlement with tobacco companies.

Ohio and National GOP Deny Lack of Support for DeWine

16, 2006

Ohio and national Republican leaders are scrambling to deny a New York Times report that claims the national G O P is now shifting its money AWAY from incumbent U.S. Senator Mike DeWine’s campaign.