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Energy Secretary Chu Announces $75 Million Award To AEP Ohio For Smart Grid Project

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
November 24, 2009

The U.S. Secretary of Energy has announced the awarding of $75 million in federal stimulus money to American Electric Power’s Ohio subsidiary. Steven Chu says the money is part of the Obama administration’s efforts to update the country’s power grid.

Ohio Submits Application For Federal Rail Money

1, 2009

Ohio submitted its request for federal stimulus money for a passenger rail system Thursday. WOSU reports state leaders say chances are good Ohio will secure the funds.

AEP Pushes Cheaper Power At Off-Peak Hours

September 1, 2009

Run your dish washer at midnight instead of at noon and pay less for your electricity. That’s the kind of choice Ohio consumers may soon have, after special new high-tech electricity meters are installed. In fact, American Electric Power has just announced it’s going after federal stimulus money to help pay for the pilot project.

Blue Jackets Owners Seek Public Funding for Nationwide Arena

May 29, 2009

President of the Franklin County Commission Paula Brooks says commissioners have not taken a position on a proposal initiated by the owners of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Columbus Judge Denies Ohio $230 in Tobacco Funds

10, 2009

A judge in Ohio is extending a freeze on $230 million the state took from an anti-tobacco fund to spur the economy.

Ohio’s Charitable Foundations Asked to Do More With Less

13, 2009

With Ohio’s economy crumbling, charities and non-profit groups are being asked to do more than ever. But, ironically, they may have less money to do their work. That’s because some of the charities’ biggest contributors – giant charitable foundations- are also feeling a financial pinch. There are 3100 charitable foundations across Ohio. George Espy is President of their trade organization – the Ohio Grantmakers Forum. He talked with Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen.

Company adjusts work week to help worker save money

31, 2008

The U.S. Department of transportation says people have really cut back on driving due to high gas prices – and that’s hacking into federal and state funds to repair roads. At least one area employer is helping its worker be among the millions of Americans driving less. WOSU found a company in Hilliard that adjusted its workers’ hours to help them save on gas.

Dispute Over Tobacco Money Goes to Court

9, 2008

An anti-smoking group wants to stop thestate treasurer from putting $230 million of its funding in a job-creation program controlled by Governor Strickland andlegislative leaders.

Ohio Tobacco Money On Hold

4, 2008

The Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation is not willing to give the governor and legislative leaders millions of dollars to help fund a $1.5 billion economic stimulus package.

New Economic Stimulus Plan Uses Millions in Tobacco Money

2, 2008

The economic stimulus plan being promoted by Governor Strickland and Republican legislative leaders would take hundreds of millions of dollars from tobacco education efforts.