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GOP’s Paul Ryan Holds Town Hall In Cincinnati

GOP Vice President candidate Paul Ryan spoke in Cincinnati Tuesday. President Obama is set to be in Ohio Wednesday.
September 25, 2012

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told an Ohio audience he and Mitt Romney will tackle the debt crisis, improve unemployment and cut spending if they’re elected.

Progressive Group Files Complaint Over Romney Coal Mine Ads

Mitt Romney hosted the rally at a Beallsville, Ohio coal mine owned by Murray Energy
September 25, 2012

Progress Ohio has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission. It claims the owner of an eastern Ohio mine required workers to attend a Romney rally, which the complaint says amounts to a campaign donation.

Ryan Headed Back To Ohio, Obama To Hit College Towns

GOP Vice President candidate Paul Ryan plans Manday rallies in Lima and Dayton. President Obama returns to Ohio on Wednesday with rallies in Bowling Green and Kent.
September 24, 2012

GOP Vice President candidate Paul Ryan plans Manday rallies in Lima and Dayton, while President Obama returns to Ohio Wednesday with rallies in Bowling Green and Kent.

Obama Campaign Announces Details On Columbus Rally

Barack Obama
The President will rally supporters in Cincinnati Monday morning before heading to Columbus.
14, 2012

The President’s re-election campaign says he’ll host a rally in Schiller Park in German Village Monday afternoon.

Romney, Democrats Offer Competing Narratives On Ohio Economy

Mitt Romney has blamed Ohio's and the nation's unemployment rates on President Obama's economic policies. Mr. Obama's re-election campaign says the President has led an economic recovery.
September 11, 2012

In a Mansfield rally, the GOP presidential nominee targeted the President’s economic record. The President’s re-election campaign says Mr. Obama’s policies have aided Ohio’s recovery.

Romney To Campaign In Mansfield, Biden Rallies Dems In Athens

Joe Biden made three weekend stops in southeast Ohio. Mitt Romney plans to speak to factory workers in Mansfield today.
September 10, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Monday rally in Mansfield comes two days after Joe Biden used a southeast Ohio event to attack the fiscal policies of the former Massachusetts governor.

Strickland Rallies Delegates At Democratic Convention

Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland speaks at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday evening.
5, 2012

The former Ohio Governor received stirring applause for his praise of President Obama and his continued criticism of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Ohio Democrats Set Agenda, Network In Charlotte

Time Warner Arena has been transformed from a typical basketball arena into a massive conference center for this week's convention.
4, 2012

About 113 Ohioans are among the delegates gathering in North Carolina for this week’s Democratic National Convention.

In Cincinnati Mitt Romney Promotes Agenda For ‘Winning Season’

Mitt Romney with voter
GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets a voter.
September 1, 2012

Mitt Romney is promoting an agenda that he says will bring “a winning season” back to the country.

Portman Offers Preview Of Fall Presidential Debates In RNC Speech

KasichPortmanRomney 001
Sen. Rob Portman (center) campaigning with Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Mitt Romney. Kasich and Portman have addressed Republicans at their national convention in Tampa this week
30, 2012

The Republican U.S. Senator from Ohio is helping Mitt Romney prepare for his debates against President Obama, and may have gave the country a glimpse of what to expect.