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Columbus Schools Bill Goes Before Lawmakers

Some Columbus leaders, including Mayor Michael Coleman, are backing a House bill to allow the Columbus City Schools to share voter approved levy money with charter schools.
June 19, 2013

A bill that would install recommendations from a new Columbus education commission is getting first Statehouse hearing this afternoon.

Coleman Quiet On Reports Of Downtown Overhaul

Under the reported plan, Veterans Memorial would be demolished and replaced with an arts center. The city also reportedly wants to build a zoo attraction in the area south of COSI.
13, 2013

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says reports of the city plans to demolish Veterans Memorial and replace it with a zoo attraction and art center are “only a flavor” of what might happen.

Education Commission Approves Proposal In Unanimous Vote

The commission also wants to create a district "innovation fund" with $50 million in public and private funding.
26, 2013

A city education commission is scheduled to vote today on proposals they say will improve Columbus City Schools. The proposals include a controversial change to the district’s auditor position.

Amendment Could Clear Way For Takeover Of Columbus Schools

Mayor MIchael Coleman has repeatedly said he's not positioning for a mayoral takeover of Columbus City Schools.
April 17, 2013

As the legislature continues to hammer out the next two-year state budget, an amendment to the House version could open the door for at least a partial mayoral takeover of Columbus City Schools.

Board Vote Likely to Keep Commission Recommendations Off Shelf

Columbus Education Commission
Columbus Education Commission director Eric Fingerhut says Mayor Coleman's involvment in superintendent search helps chances of commission's recommendations being enacted
10, 2013

For months, Mayor Coleman and the Columbus school board have been at loggerheads about whether to hire a new superintendent while the mayor’s education commission finishes its work. The school board was scheduled to begin interviewing candidates this week. Instead, the board voted to suspend its search.

Board Reverses Course, Follows Mayor’s Recommendations

The board had been heavily criticized by Mayor Michael Coleman, who wanted the board to hire a temporary replacement for the retiring Gene Harris and make a final decision after getting input from a new city education commission.
April 10, 2013

In a sharp about-face, the Columbus School Board last night voted to put off hiring a permanent superintendent. The board has also named Mayor Michael Coleman as co-chair of the search committee.

Pending Spending Cuts Will Take Local Toll

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has identified $2.3-million in possible city service cuts if automatic federal spending cuts take full effect.
28, 2013

Some local officials say pending federal spending cuts will quickly effect state and city budgets. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman identifies $2.3 million dollars in neighborhood and human services that could be lost.

Mayor Coleman Proposes “Significant Changes” To City Schools

Michael Coleman
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman makes education the focus of his 14th State of the City address.
21, 2013

As anticipated, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman made education the highpoint of his 14th state of the city address at South High School. WOSU reports the mayor calls for “significant” change.

Mayor Michael Coleman Expected To Talk Schools In State Of City

Mayor Michael Coleman tonight is expected to talk about education in his State of the City address at South High School.
February 21, 2013

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman tonight is expected to use part of his annual State of the City address to talk education. A commission he appointed in December, which has the backing of major companies , is expected to make a series of recommendations for Columbus City Schools.

Columbus Mayor Announces Education Commission

Michael Coleman
Mayor Michael Coleman has called on 25 community and business leaders to form an education commission to address issues within Columbus City Schools.
13, 2012

As the Columbus City Schools look for a new superintendent, Mayor Coleman continues to help improve the district. The mayor has called on 25 community and business leaders to form an education commission. WOSU reports one question remains unclear- just exactly what the committee will do.