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Experts Anticipate Mental Health, Primary Care Integration

Ohio mental health experts look for psychiatrists and other mental health care professionals to collaborate with primary care doctors in the future.
19, 2013

In recent years, new attitudes, new treatments and even mass marketing have more people seeking help for depression and other conditions. And in the coming years, more people are expected to have access to treatment.

Mental Health Care Big Business

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Ohio Department of Mental Health medical director Mark Hurst said mental illness should be treated as any health problem. Hurst said that will reduce stigma.
18, 2013

Mental health treatment continues to evolve. In the second installment of a three part series, WOSU examines the dollars associated with the business.

Changes To Mental Health System Lessen Stigma

mental hospital
Many of Ohio's first mental hospitals sit empty today. Built in 1874, The Southeast Psychiatric Hospital in Athens was the fourth "lunatic asylum" built in the state.
17, 2013

Once hidden away, mental illness has become a very public health issue. This week, 89.7 NPR News examines the evolution of mental health treatment in a special three part series.