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State Health Officials Defend Proposed Medicaid Premium

State Medicaid Director John McCarthy told lawmakers on the House Finance Committee that requiring a small monthly payment is an important for people who will eventually make enough money to start buying insurance from the federal marketplace or exchange.
February 12, 2015

Gov. John Kasich and the director of Ohio’s Medicaid program want enrollees making more than the federal poverty level to pay a $20 monthly premium.

Ohio Budget Director: Proposal Would Fund Medicaid Expansion

Calculating Taxes Up And Down
The state budget director saysa proposed two-year spending blueprint would continue to fund an expansion of the Medicaid health program.
2, 2015

Ohio’s budget director says the governor’s two-year spending plan would continue to fund an expansion of the Medicaid health program.

Ohio Medicaid Enrollment Up, Number Of Uninsured Is Down

A study by the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation looked at the impact of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion on Columbus and 13 other cities. Among the seven where Medicaid expanded, it estimates the rate of people with no health insurance will be cut more than in half by 2016.
July 29, 2014

When Ohio expanded Medicaid last fall, Governor John Kasich estimated up to 330-thousand more people would get health coverage. A new survey says the numbers may not be far off.

Advocates Make Final Push For Healthcare Sign-ups

The federal data shows that many Ohio residents obtaining coverage in the marketplace are older. Eighty-five percent of enrollees are getting financial help to pay their monthly premiums.
March 31, 2014

Health care advocates are holding their final enrollment events around Ohio as a key deadline under the federal law approaches.

About 17,000 Ohioans Apply Online For Medicaid

The state reports thousands of newly eligible Ohioans have signed up for Medicaid under Ohio's expanded program.
2, 2014

Ohio officials say they’ve received more than 17,000 applications from people seeking Medicaid health coverage through a new state website.

Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Medicaid Expansion

Ohio Supreme Court upholds Medicaid expansion
December 20, 2013

Ohio’s high court has upheld a state legislative panel’s vote to fund an expansion of Medicaid.

Ohio Lawmakers OK Bill Targeting Medicaid Growth

Ohio lawmakers approve a measure aimed at limiting Medicaid funding.
5, 2013

The Ohio Legislature has passed a bill to create a new oversight committee for Medicaid and take steps to limit the cost growth of the federal-state health program for the poor and disabled.

1,150 Ohioans Get Coverage Using Federal Exchange

More than 24,000 Ohio residents submitted paper or electronic applications for health coverage for more than 45,000 people, such as themselves, their spouses and children, the report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows.
November 14, 2013

Federal officials said Wednesday that just 1,150 Ohio residents successfully picked health insurance plans last month through the new online marketplace created by President Barack Obama’s law.

Ohioans Can Enroll In Expanded Medicaid Next Month

Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who are eligible for Medicaid under the state's recent expansion of the program can begin signing up in December.
13, 2013

The state says low-income Ohioans who are newly eligible for Medicaid under an expansion of the program can start signing up for health coverage next month.

Ohio Gets $52.7 Million Share Of Drug Settlement

Pharmacy Sign_11_05_13
Ohio's Medicaid program receives a multi-million dollar share of a national settlement with Johnson & Johnson.
5, 2013

Ohio’s Medicaid program will receive $52.7 million through a national settlement with a pharmaceutical company. The $2.2 billion settlement announced Monday involves Johnson & Johnson, one of its subsidiaries, the federal government and several states.