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Major Change Coming To Execution Drug Bill

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November 19, 2014

A fast-moving bill would shield the names of companies whose drugs are used for lethal injections in Ohio, but its Republican sponsor says he’s open to allowing the secrecy provision to expire at some point in the future.

House Committee Begins Hearings On Common Core Repeal Bill

This bill is before the Rules Committee, not the Education Committee, where Republican chair Gerald Stebelton of Lancaster halted a similar measure last fall.
18, 2014

Hearings are scheduled to begin today on a controversial second attempt to repeal the Common Core public education standards now being phased in in Ohio.

Ohio Republicans Renew Push To Repeal Common Core

The bill from Republican State Rep. Andy Thompson would repeal the standards and replace them with new provisions based on educational benchmarks used in Massachusetts.
29, 2014

School districts have spent years preparing to implement the education standards known as Common Core — which are set to start this coming school year. Now House Republicans are renewing their efforts to repeal the standards.

Voucher Scalebacks Fail To Win Public School Endorsement

The Ohio Education Association opposes all vouchers, saying they divert money from public school that educate an overwhelming majority of students.
December 13, 2011

Public schools have denounced a plan to expand private school vouchers. Now the state’s largest teacher union says a plan to scale back that expansion doesn’t go far enough.

Voucher Bill Being Scaled Back

Rep. Representative Matt Huffman's new legislation will reportedly include lower income requirements for students and a cap for the amount of tax revenue public districts could lose.
December 9, 2011

The decision comes after Rep. Matt Huffman took criticism from public school districts and their allies.