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Police Say Marysville Church Fire Started By Former Member

30-year-old Stephen Beightler remains in jail on charges of arson and receiving stolen property.
January 11, 2012

It’s still unclear why Stephen Beightler drove from his current home of Philadelphia back to his home town.

Honda Will Build Acura NSX In Central Ohio

An artist's rendering of the new Acura NSX.
10, 2012

The company discontinued Japanese production of the NSX in 2005 because of poor sales.

Red Cross Helping Marysville Fire Victims

26, 2011

The aid organization is helping at least five families displaced by the Christmas night fire.

Honda Rolling Out New CR-V On Time

The company struggled through another parts shortage this year after a tsunami damaged several plants in Japan.
8, 2011

The company feared flood damage to parts suppliers in Thailand would force a delay for the new sport utility vehicle.

Honda Halving Production At Marysville, East Liberty Plants

Honda Marysville
Workers at plants in Marysville and East Liberty will be cutting production in half beginning Wednesday. The company is also canceling some scheduled overtime.
1, 2011

The Marysville and East Liberty plants employ about 6,700 workers.

Honda Trims Production, Cites Quake Impact on Supplies

Honda is cutting back production
March 30, 2011

Honda says it’s cutting production at three Ohio plants because of a shortage of parts from key suppliers in earthquake and tsunami-ravaged Japan.

Domestic Auto Maker Collapse Would Hurt Central Ohio

20, 2008

A Democratic Congress that’s unwilling or unable to approve a $25 billion bailout for Detroit’s Big Three appears ready to punt the automakers’ fate to a lame-duck Republican president. Caught in the middle of a who-blinks-first standoff are legions of manufacturing firms and auto dealers — and millions of Americans’ jobs.

Marysville building 1.2 billion gallon reservoir to accomodate growth

Future site of the Upland Reservoir, about two miles northwest of Marysville.
February 5, 2008

The city of Marysville has a water problem; it does not have enough to keep up with its growth. Since former governor James Rhodes convinced Honda to build their first U.S. manufacturing facility in southern Union County, the area has seen an economic transformation. Now city officials are ready to build a new reservoir that has a very unique feature.

Mom and two girls attacked in Marysville home invasion

30, 2007

A woman and her two daughters in Marysville were attacked during an over night home invasion. The burglars are still at large.

Marysville Center formed to help Japanese transplants now helps growing number of Hispanics

25, 2005

With the rising number of immigrants arriving in central Ohio, the need for immigrant services also rises. Many of these services tend to be concentrated in urban areas- but not all of them are. There’s an 18-year old immigrant service center in Marysville that has changed its focus to meet changing needs.