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New Law on Adult Clubs Might Be Delayed

13, 2007

A new state law to place additional limitations on adult clubs and video stores will likely not go into effect as scheduled.

Ohioans not in mood to relax term limits

2, 2007

For years, some Ohio legislators and government officials have been talking up the idea of relaxing term limits for lawmakers. But a new public opinion poll seems to indicate that Ohio voters are in no mood to make that change.

Stripper asks for delay on stripclub limits

23, 2007

A former stripper from Cleveland is asking the Ohio House of Representatives to move more slowly on a bill to set new statewide limits on topless bars and other x-rated businesses. But,it doesn’t appear she’s going to get her wish.

Report: Campaign Contribution Limits Too High in Ohio

19, 2007

A new report says contribution limits for legislative candidates and political party and legislative caucus funds in Ohio are too high.

Push for More Limits on Topless Bars and X-Rated Video Stores

7, 2007

Ohio lawmakers have three months to pass a law placing limits on topless bars and x-rated video stores.