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Ohio Wildlife Officials Charged over Faked License

2, 2010

Five Ohio wildlife officials, including a top administrator, have been charged over an allegedly falsified hunting license provided to an out-of-state wildlife officer.

New BMV Rules Cause Some Undocumented Workers To Leave Ohio

21, 2009

Two weeks ago, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles canceled about 42,000 vehicle registrations because the owners hadn’t proven their identities with a driver’s license, state ID card, or social security number. That move has hit undocumented immigrants especially hard. Some of them have actually left the state.

Ohio Concealed Carry Licenses Increasing

2, 2009

More and more Ohioans are applying for and getting licenses to carry concealed handguns. That’s one of the highlights of a new annual report from the state attorney general’s office. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.

English-Only Driving Test

16, 2008

One Ohio legislator says the state’s highways may not be as safe as they used to be, because a growing number of truckers cannot read highway signs written in English.

Sex Offender Special License Plate Debated in Senate Committee

7, 2007

Some call it the modern day equivalent of a “scarlet letter.” The plan is to require sex offenders who are no longer in prison to use green license plates on their car or truck.