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Bus Ridership Hits Peak for Red, White & Boom

2, 2009

The Central Ohio Transit Authority is preparing for its biggest one-day ridership of the year: shuttling passengers to and from Red White and Boom.

Columbus Light Rail System Still Millions of Dollars Away

20, 2009

Ohio’s share of the Federal Reinvestment and Recovery Act does not, as officials had hoped, contain funding for a light rail system in Columbus. The Central Ohio Transit Authority wanted several hundred million dollars for the project. Instead, COTA is expected to receive much less.

Columbus Bus Authority Says Its Hard To Recruit New Drivers.

Alvin Butler has been a COTA driver for 21 years
August 20, 2007

The Central Ohio Transit Authority has been working to restore routes and service hours that were cut due to financial hardship last year. 10,000 hours were restored in May, and the bus system hopes to replace as many as 40 coaches before the end of the year. But COTA is having a hard time finding new drivers.

New Levy Helps COTA Implement Long Range Plan

November 28, 2006

Central Ohio Transit Authority officials say they’re studying service improvements now that a new source of revenue is on the horizon. Voters narrowly approved a quarter-percent tax levy that begins in January 2008.

COTA Hopeful for Passage of Issue 7

1, 2006

Statewide ballot issues on gambling, smoking and the minimum wage are getting the lion’s share of attention. But the president of the Central Ohio Transit Authority says – Issue 7 is “critical” to the future of public transportation in this part of the state. COTA is asking voters to approve an additional 1/4% sales tax levy to fund expanded operations.

COTA Ridership Shows Modest Increase

23, 2006

The chief executive of the Central Ohio Transit Authority says the higher price of gasoline has led to increased ridership on COTA buses. Bill Lhota says the increase began late last summer when the price for a gallon of gas rose to around $3.

COTA Board Finalizes Three-Year Contract

7, 2005

On Wednesday, the COTA Board of Trustees enthusiastically ratified a new 3-year labor contract that bus drivers and mechanics approved last weekend. Company president Bill Lhota said today that he could never have anticipated the agreement would take almost a year to negotiate. As WOSU’s Sam Hendren reports, COTA administrators believe today’s action could be a positive first step to the bus company’s restructuring.

Columbus Light Rail Plan Stalled

20, 2005

As contract talks between Columbus bus drivers and COTA drag on, the future of a light rail project is more uncertain. Supporters of the proposed half-billion dollar northern corridor project believe it could help ease the city’s transportation problems. Critics say buses are far more efficient and flexible. Add to the mix COTA’s ongoing financial problems and a lack of public support – in the form of tax money – and it seems the light rail project has been derailed.

COTA Prepares for Strike

15, 2005

COTA managers and the Transport Workers Union are awaiting the results of a Fact Finder’s report to resolve differences between the two sides.