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Ohio Senate Dems Tackle Guns, Ballot Access, Economy

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Ohio Senate Democrats plan to tackle a variety of issues including gun control and ballot access.
15, 2013

Democrats in the Ohio Senate say they’ll work this session on bills to curb gun violence, improve ballot access and support healthy, financially stable families.

Goverment Trying to Keep Great Lake Waters Still

10, 2007

A deal that’s supposed to prevent Great Lakes water from being diverted to other parts of the US and the world got dammed up in the legislature last session. It may be reintroduced very soon, but one lawmaker is trying to turn the tide against it.

Proposal Prompts Personal Testimony from State Senators

23, 2007

A proposed law billed as a way to help parents grieve after a miscarriage Tuesday brought forth some very personal testimony on the Senate floor.

Gaming ban: No public testimony allowed

15, 2007

Ohio legislators plan to take a final vote this week on a measure banning electronic gaming machines that offer cash prizes and they plan to take the vote without any public hearings.

Possible regulation of at home day-care providers to come soon

25, 2007

Thousands of Ohioans may not realize that the neighbor’s home they are sending their children to for day-care is not licensed by the state. Some legislators and day-care activists are working to change that. They are warning that without a change, some children could die needlessly, and that some already have.

Bipartisan effort pushes for protection against identity theft

13, 2007

Ohio lawmakers think more needs to be done to protect Ohioans against identity theft. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are meeting in the middle to push for a tougher state law.

Medicinal marijuana bill anticipated

8, 2007

For the third time in five years, a plan to legalize marijuana for medicinal use is expected to be brought forward at the Statehouse. And once again, it’s expected to bring out emotional supporters and passionate opponents.

Road rage legislation proposed

1, 2007

A bill that would make road rage a specific crime in Ohio is now being considered in the state legislature.