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Should Judges Post The Ten Commandments In Courtrooms?

Posted: October 4, 2011

The Supreme Court rejected another appeal from a Mansfield judge who wanted to display a poster containing the Ten Commandments in his courtroom. Since many of our laws are based on them, should judges be allowed to display the Ten Commandments in their courtrooms?

Bike Advocate Says State Slow To Better Laws

27, 2010

Last week, 20-year-old Jeffrey Stevenson, of Dublin, suffered fatal injuries after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike along Sawmill Road. That same day, Brent Nimmo, got a ticket on Alum Creek Drive for not riding his bike close enough to the shoulder of the road. Bicycle advocates say these are two examples of why the state needs to incorporate more comprehensive information about bicycle laws into drivers’ education.

Ohio Pending Casino Laws Similar to Pennsylvania

18, 2010

Ohio legislators soon will begin working to draft a compromise bill that will set the rules for the states four planned casinos. WOSU takes a look at Pennsylvania’s casino laws and how they compare to what’s been proposed in Ohio.

Pit Bulls Face More Euthanizations Than Other Breeds.

Dan Rako with his family's two pit bulls Penny, in his lap, and Baker.
February 9, 2009

Pit bulls or pit bull mixes in Ohio have restrictions that other breeds do not face. And because of maltreatment and over-breeding rescues and humane societies often have too many of the dogs, many that can not be adopted. WOSU takes a look at the difficulties of adopting out and owning a pit bull in Ohio.

YMCA Lends Helping Hand With New Curfew

14, 2008

Columbus police commanders welcome Mayor Coleman’s program to crack down on teenagers who break the city’s decades old curfew. And the place where the curfew breakers would go – the downtown YMCA – says its up to the challenge.

Concerns in Ohio Over Proposed Tightening of Federal Hate Crime Laws

4, 2007

Some in Ohio worry that a federal tightening of hate crime laws will mean a loss of freedom of speech.

Stripper asks for delay on stripclub limits

23, 2007

A former stripper from Cleveland is asking the Ohio House of Representatives to move more slowly on a bill to set new statewide limits on topless bars and other x-rated businesses. But,it doesn’t appear she’s going to get her wish.

Columbus City Council makes new appointment and re-appoints two other members

16, 2007

Columbus City Council members filled its last vacant seat Monday night by appointing Democrat Hearcel Craig. But the appointment follows severe accusations that city council ignores Ohio’s Sunshine Laws and makes secret appointments.

Taft Cracks Down on Sex Offenses

2, 2007

People who rape or expose themselves to children could soon be spending more time in prison.

Governor Signs Predatory Lending Law

19, 2006

Governor Taft today signed into law a measure designed to prevent predatory lending.