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Lake Erie Proposal Dredges Up Controversy

some residents, environmental groups, and politicians oppose this idea to put Cuyahoga River dredgings in Lake Erie. They say it’s an ill-advised cost-cutting measure.
25, 2014

The Cuyahoga River in northeast Ohio — known for catching fire in the 1960s — relies on frequent dredging to keep the shipping channels open. Now a controversial new proposal to dump the dredged material into Lake Erie has residents worried about contamination of the public water supply.

Ohio Activists Push For Nation’s First Offshore Wind Farm

Eric Ritter leads a team of canvassers around Northeast Ohio, gathering support for the wind farm.
August 22, 2013

About 80 percent of the electricity used in Ohio homes comes from coal fired power plants. One Northeast Ohio group wants to change that by installing a wind farm in Lake Erie. If they succeed, this will be the first offshore wind farm in the nation.

Fight Continues Against Asian Carp

Asian Carp jump out of the Wabash River. Researchers say the fish mistake boat motor vibrations for predators and jump out of fright.
6, 2013

Ohio’s waterways face what natural resource officials call an increasing threat: The Asian Carp.

Fighting Ohio’s Algae Problem

Algae blooms on Lake Erie and other Ohio lakes have hit the tourism industry in regions that rely heavily on visitors spending money.
5, 2013

Persistent toxic algae blooms are wreaking havoc on Ohio’s multi-billion dollar lake tourism industry. Elected officials and state agencies are fighting back with new tools to better help them monitor the blooms and reduce the nutrients feeding them from Ohio farms and cities. But the battle isn’t over yet.

State Considers “Certifying” Farmers To Cut Algae Blooms

File photo
27, 2013

Algae blooms are a big problem on Ohio’s lakes: they’re toxic and can have a big impact on tourism. Now state lawmakers are looking at “certifying” farmers as one way to tone it down.

Ohio Program Aims To Cut Down On Lake Erie’s Algae

Lake Erie
13, 2013

Ohio’s natural resources department says more than 35,000 acres of farmland have been put into a program that’s designed to reduce the amount of fertilizer that ends up in Lake Erie.

Birders Worry About Wind Turbines Near Lake Erie

wind generator
Environmentalists worry about the impact a proposed wind turbine would have on migratory birds on Lake Erie
January 26, 2013

A plan to build a wind turbine along Lake Erie near a well-known spot for migrating birds is worrying environmentalists.

Great Lakes Summit Leaves Unanswered Questions In U.S., Canada

A satellite image shows an algae outbreak in the western basin of Lake Erie. Algae blooms in recent years have been blamed on chemical like phosphorus that seep into the lake from local farms.
14, 2012

The summit in Northeast Ohio led to an updated agreement between the two countries to restore the health of the Great Lakes, but environmentalists are skeptical about funding.

Oil, Gas Drilling In Lake Erie Now Banned By State Law

In his order, Gov. John Kasich wrote "Ohio citizens depend upon Lake Erie as an irreplaceable source of drinking water, and for its cultural, environmental, recreation, and aesthetic values."
12, 2012

Gov. John Kasich on Wednesday Kasich on Wednesday signed an executive order at a Fish Ohio Day event in Port Clinton. It puts in place a state directive to accompany an already existing federal ban.

Road Trip: Put-In-Bay

Put-in-Bay is known for idyllic views, but it was also home to one of the most important battles in U.S. Naval history.
2, 2012

Every week this travel season, we’re taking you to an interesting but sometimes overlooked part of Ohio. This week we’re headed to the Lake Erie island for a look back at one of the most important battles in U.S. Naval history.