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Ohio GOP Lawmakers Pushing Right-To-Work Bills

Unions have bought billboard ads, preparing for Ohio lawmakers to propose union-limiting legislation.
30, 2013

Less than two years after Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected collective bargaining limits for government workers, Republicans in the Ohio House are preparing legislation that would prohibit requiring workers from joining or paying automatic dues to a union.

Should Ohio Become A “Right To Work” State?

Posted: February 16, 2012

Do you think workers should be able to opt out of labor unions?

Poll: Ohioans Favor “Right To Work” Status

15, 2012

Conservative activists are touting a new poll that says a majority of Ohioans want to let workers opt out of labor union dues.

“Right To Work” Amendment Clears Another Hurdle

2, 2012

Backers want to put a measure before voters to let more Ohioans opt out of labor unions.

Gov. Kasich Wants SB5 Compromise

Senate Bill 5 Rally
17, 2011

Governor John Kasich and other fellow republicans want to reach an agreement with labor unions on Senate Bill 5 which would call off a fall referendum.