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Several Ohio House Democrats Won’t Say How They’ll Vote On Health Care Reform

16, 2010

A House committee has voted for fast-track rules for health care legislation, the first step toward a decisive floor vote on President Barack Obama’s sweeping overhaul. The move will get the historic health care overhaul bill before the House of Representatives by the end of the week.

Kucinich Withdraws from Presidential Race

January 24, 2008

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is giving up on his second bid for the White House.

Politicians Harness ‘Power of the Web’

31, 2007

Many credit Howard Dean’s rise in the 2004 Democratic primaries to his campaign’s innovative use of the Internet. Now all the leading candidates are trying to harness the power of the web to get their message out, including Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Charles Davis reports from Capitol Hill.

Lawmakers express concern about National Guard

11, 2007

Ohio lawmakers are increasingly concerned over the state of the National Guard. They worry that overseas deployments are hurting the Guard’s ability to respond to local disasters.