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Fuel-Tainted Portion Of Ohio River Reopens For Pumping, Cargo

A 15-mile river section, which had closed after the spill, also reopened Tuesday with some restrictions. Vessels traveling through must get Coast Guard clearance.
20, 2014

Ohio and Kentucky water districts have resumed taking water from the Ohio River after a fuel oil spill led them to stop pumping river water.

Kasich Says ACA Rollout Has Shaken Confidence In Government

Gov. John Kasich (right) appeared opposite Kentucky's Democratic Governor Steve Beshear.
October 28, 2013

Gov. John Kasich appeared opposite Kentucky’s Democratic governor on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to talk about the Affordable Care Act’s effects on states.

Urbana Man, Michigan Couple Due In Court After Gruesome Murder

File photo
3, 2012

Matthew Puccio, Andrew Forney, and Kandis Forney are set to go before a Champaign County judge today after police say Jessica Rae Sacco was suffocated, stabbed, dismembered, and her remains were dumped in parts of Ohio and Kentucky.

Ohio Trails Only Kentucky In Smoking Rate

The report says 26 percent of Ohioans reported smoking cigarettes this year.
21, 2011

A new report says Ohio tied five other states for the nation’s second-highest smoking rate.

March Madness arrives in Columbus

19, 2004

The N-C-A-A basketball tournament comes to Columbus today, but most people still will have to watch it on television. Games at Nationwide Arena sold out long before the schedule was announced. When regional teams Cincinnati and Kentucky were sent to the city, tickets became even tougher to find.