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Keno falls $43 million short of expectations

August 14, 2009

Just over a year ago, state officials unveiled the much-debated Keno video gambling in bars and restaurants around Ohio. Governor Ted Strickland’s administration billed it as a way to bring in more than $70 million for Ohio schools. But as WOSU’s Steve Brown reports, revenue figures from the game’s first year fell far short of expectations.

Keno Revenues Fall Short Of Projections

26, 2008

Earlier this year, amid a flurry of controversy, Governor Ted Strickland asked Ohio lottery officials to launch a new game, Keno. The governor said it could bring in enough extra profits to protect Ohio schools from spending cuts that were hitting other state programs. Now comes word that revenue predictions for Keno may have been too rosey, way too rosey.

Ohio Launches Keno To Help Erase Red Ink.

5, 2008

Its Day Two for the new Ohio Lottery game – KENO. Governor Ted Strickland pushed the state lottery commission to add the game, so schools could collect an extra $73,000,000 every year in lottery profits. Nearly a thousand bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys are now offering the game across Ohio.

Ohio Prepares To Launch Keno

24, 2008

The Ohio Lottery begins its new KENO game August 4th. Hundreds of businesses with liquor permits, bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys, are having new video screens installed to display winning KENO numbers, 15 rounds of them each hour. Meanwhile, lottery PLAYERS are looking forward to the new diversion.

Governor Criticized for KENO Proposal

1, 2008

Governor Ted Strickland’s plan to legalize electronic gaming machines like KENO at bars and veterans halls across Ohio is drawing fire from anti-gambling activists.