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OSU Prof-Executions Fewer Among States

4, 2010

An Ohio State University Professor says executions have seen a downturn across the country.

Controversy Surrounds Pending Execution Of Kevin Keith

11, 2010

The Ohio Parole Board is now considering the fate of a death row inmate who many people think might be innocent. Much attention has been given to Kevin Keith, a man whose case has been taken up by the Innocence Project, a group that’s been responsible for reversing convictions of some death row inmates in the past.

Chrysler Dealers Might Seek Remedy Under State Law

15, 2009

On Thursday Chrysler announced it was trimming its franchise dealer ranks by about 25 percent around the U.S. The cuts affect more than 3 dozen dealers in Ohio. General Motors is expected to make its own announcement of cuts soon. But Ohio dealers may have some recourse under state law.

State Hopes To Retrain Unemployed Workers

11, 2009

As the ranks of the unemployed swell, many new arrivals on the unemployment line turn to re-training. Ohio has a two-tiered re-training program that depends, in part, on community colleges.

Fears of Long Election Lines Persist

3, 2008

5,000 poll workers will be on hand across Franklin County tomorrow to assist voters at the polls on Election Day. By tomorrow, more than 273,000 residents of the county will have voted early. Twice as many voting machines will be available this year. And voters have the option to use a paper ballot. Still some voters are skeptical about the possibility of an problem-free election.