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Statehouse Republicans Skeptical Of Kasich’s Tax Cut

Kasich wants to cut nearly all income taxes for small business owners, but Republican leaders in the Statehouse worry the plan wouldn't be a tax cut, but only a tax shift.
January 30, 2015

Gov. John Kasich is hinting at some proposals he’ll include in his upcoming budget, including what he calls a tax cut. But some state lawmakers are skeptical.

Ohio Senate Aides’ Time Records Under Review

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Authorities are investing whether two aides to the President of the Ohio Senate changed their records after spending time away from their jobs to act as political consultants.
18, 2014

Authorities are investigating a directive by the Ohio Senate president that allowed two top aides to create dozens of time records requesting time away from state work, mostly for political consulting.

Senate Leaders Look Ahead For 2014

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13, 2014

Lawmakers are back for the second year of the legislature’s two year session. And while they passed nearly 60 bills last year, there are hundreds more bills that have been introduced.

Big Tax Cuts And A Sales Tax Hike In New Budget Plan

Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus
21, 2013

Ohio lawmakers have come to an agreement on a new tax reform plan that they say is fair and will help all Ohioans. The plan will provide income tax breaks to nearly all Ohioans but will raise some taxes and shift some tax burdens.

Ohio GOP Agreement Calls For Larger Income Tax Cut

Lawmakers continue to hammer out the state budget
20, 2013

Ohio Republican leaders have agreed to a larger statewide income tax cut as part of a package of changes to be included in the budget.

Ohio Senate Crunches School Funds Numbers

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A funding bill for elementary and secondary schools moves through the legislature.
31, 2013

Ohio Senators are calling their new budget plan “a work in progress” but they are touting it as a major improvement in funding for Ohio’s public schools.

Senate President: Medicaid Expansion Could Happen In 2013

Ohio could forfeit up to $13 billion in federal funding if it declines to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
May 14, 2013

The Republican president of the Ohio Senate says state lawmakers are open to pursuing a Medicaid bill before the end of the year.

Advocates Of Medicaid Expansion Say Ballot Issue Possible

30, 2013

Some advocates want to expand the current Medicaid system so that thousands of low income Ohioans can get medical care. They want that expansion as part of the state budget but that doesn’t look likely.

Medicaid Expansion Plan In Ohio Takes Another Hit

Leaders of several faiths gathered in the Ohio Statehouse to endorse Gov. John kasich's budget, which includes an expansion of Ohio's Medicaid program.
24, 2013

Gov. John Kasich’s plan to expand health care coverage for low-income Ohioans has been dealt another blow.

Ohio Senate President Calls Remark ‘Inartful’

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Ohio Senate President Keith Faber warns his fellow lawmakers to use caution before accepting additional federal Medicaid funds.
1, 2013

Senate President Keith Faber tells the Lima News he sees the long-term funding of the federal-state program as troublesome at best.