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Cap And Trade Bill Criticized At Columbus Event

23, 2009

A critic of so-called federal cap and trade climate legislation says it would cost Ohio 108,000 jobs. The head of a U.S. Chamber of Commerce energy think tank also told a Columbus audience electricity prices would rise 60 percent if the bill becomes law.

Racinos Proposal Divides Ohio Conservatives

30, 2009

The issue of balancing the budget through slot machines at racetracks has divided people who normally hold similar views. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler sat down with two conservatives who have very different opinions on expanding gambling through the state budget.

Ohio’s Budget Impasse Continues

6, 2009

It was a holiday weekend for many Ohioans – but the governor and lawmakers were still working off and on, dealing with the budget crisis that now threatens to shut down state government entirely.

Former President Clinton Delivers OSU Commencement Address

Former President Clinton steps onto the field at Ohio Stadium
June 10, 2007

Former President Bill Clinton was the featured speaker Sunday at the 380th Ohio State University commencement. In his speech, the 42nd president said that ours is an interdependent world whose problems can only be solved cooperatively.

OSU Officials Address Racist Speech

6, 2006

Ohio State president Karen Holbrook is responding to apparent incidents of racism that occurred during the recently completed winter quarter. An anonymous letter disparaging African Americans was distributed to dorm rooms. Meanwhile several students at a branch campus in Wooster made internet postings that contained racially offensive material.