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Columbus Council Votes To Fend Off Vote On Arena Deal

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7, 2014

Columbus City Council is trying to keep the city’s contract to purchase Nationwide Arena off of the ballot.

Group Wants To Limit City Of Columbus Arena Payments

The Coalition For Responsive Government wants voters to decide whether the city should continue to make lease payments for Nationwide Arena.
5, 2013

A local coalition is taking aim at the 18-month old deal that led to a publically owned Nationwide Arena.

City Council To Vote On Campaign Finance Reform Proposal

A Columbus group wants city council to change the city charter to include a campaign finance reform initiative. Council president Andrew Ginther has reservations about spending public money on campaigns.
2, 2013

Columbus City Council is expected to take up campaign finance reform, tonight. A local group, which has proposed the initiative, says it wants more balance on the all-Democrat city hall board. But as WOSU reports, one expert said the proposal does not go far enough.