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McCain Endorses “Highly Qualified” Mandel

U.S. Senator John McCain calls his endorsement of Josh Mandel "an endorsement of the next generation."
17, 2012

The long-time U.S. Senator and former Presidential candidate propped up the 34-year-old Ohio Treasurer’s credentials and called on Republicans “to elect a new generation.”

McCain Campaigns For Mandel In Columbus

Sen. John McCain (R, AZ) Addresses OSU's Largest Graduating Class<br
Sen. John McCain (R, AZ) Addresses OSU's Largest Graduating Class
April 16, 2012

Arizona Senator John McCain, who lost the presidential race to Pres. Obama in 2008, will appear at a fundraising luncheon for Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel in Columbus.

McCain, Obama Campaigns Work Down to the Wire

31, 2008

Supporters of the Obama-Biden presidential ticket scheduled a “Yes We Carve” event at Ohio State University today. The carvers are creating Obama inspired jack-o-lanterns – another in a series of Get-Out-The-Vote efforts to inspire the less motivated to go to the polls. Both the Republican and Democratic campaigns are ratcheting up their efforts to reach as many voters as they can by November 4th.

Campaign Rhetoric Prompts Use of Four-Letter Word

27, 2008

In the final days before an election, the campaigns intensify the rhetoric heats up. WOSU commentator Jerolyn Barbee says all that rhetoric has an unfortunate by-product.

Poll: Obama Builds Ohio Lead Over McCain

23, 2008

A poll shows Democrat Barack Obama building a larger lead in Ohio with strong support from women.

Obama Gaining on McCain in Ohio Poll

13, 2008

Only two points separate Republican John McCain at 48 percent and Democrat Barack Obama at 46 percent in the latest Ohio Newspaper Poll conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati.

Democrats, Republicans Pursuing Ground Game

3, 2008

In politics, as in football, a good ground game can provide a winning margin:

“If you take it to em, if you don’t make mistakes, and you keep takin’ it to em, hell, there’s no question who’ll win.”

Coach Woody Hayes built an OSU football dynasty on the ground game. Now presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are using aggressive ground games to get their supporters to the polls on November 4th.

GOP White House hopefuls visit Columbus; Crowd goes wild in support

John McCain speaks at the gymnasium on the Capital University campus in Bexley. He is flanked by Gov. Sarah Palin and his wife, Cindy.
September 29, 2008

GOP presidential candidate John McCain and vice presidential running mate Governor Sarah Palin visited Columbus for a rally at Capital University in Bexley. This was Palin’s first time she has stopped in Columbus. The campaign says 9,000 people attended.

High Stakes Political Campaigns Work To “Frame” Candidates and Issues

25, 2008

The debate goes on in Congress over the proposed $700,000,000,000 bailout, while the presidential candidates prepare for a high stakes debate on Friday. An Ohio University professor said this is an especially good week to monitor what she called the “framing” of candidates.

23 Percent of Ohio Voters Undecided in Presidential Race

12, 2008

Ohio poll shows that Sen. John McCain has a slight lead against Sen. Barack Obama in the race for the white house. The poll also shows that some voters have not quite made up their minds.