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High Court Upholds Privacy Of JobsOhio Records

Ohio Supreme Court says JobsOhio is exempted from state's public records law.
3, 2013

The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawyer’s request for records kept by the state’s privatized job-creation agency on procedural grounds.

JobsOhio Audit Scolds Governor, Finds No Business Conflicts

State Auditor Dave Yost (bottom left) fought to gain access to the books of JobsOhio, which was created by Gov. John Kasich shortly after taking office.
21, 2013

Ohio’s state auditor has scolded Gov. John Kasich’s signature job-creation effort for sloppy handling of ethics and conflict-of-interest procedures in its first year, but says no business conflicts exist among its executives.

Foes Of JobsOhio Make Case To Supreme Court

The Kasich Administration's jobs creation board is challenged in the Ohio Supreme Court.
November 7, 2013

The Wednesday arguments involving the state’s job creation program didn’t focus on the legality of the program, but on who can sue to settle questions about JobsOhio.

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments Over JobsOhio

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November 6, 2013

JobsOhio comes before the Ohio Supreme Court Wednesday, as a group of liberal and conservative activists make their arguments against lawyers for the job creation program and Gov. John Kasich.

Records: Fund Pitched OSU On $50M Investment

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November 2, 2013

Newly released records show the private venture capital fund co-founded by former JobsOhio chief Mark Kvamme first approached Ohio State University before Kvamme stepped aside from his state-related job-creation role.

Many State Grant Recipients Failed To Deliver Promised Jobs

About half the companies receiving grants failed to create the jobs to which they committed, the Toledo Blade reports.
October 28, 2013

A newspaper investigation of Ohio’s public job-creation efforts has found companies receiving state money failed to bring thousands of promised positions.

JobsOhio Audit Encouraging Legal Foes

JobsOhio foes believe wording in an independent audit provides new ammunition for their legal arguments.
October 15, 2013

Opponents of the nonprofit job-creation entity JobsOhio believe wording in an independent audit provides new ammunition for their legal arguments.

Ohio Panel Lays Out Possible Jobs Board Conflicts

The Executive Director of the Ohio Ethics Commission says the findings released today do not imply wrongdoing.
September 26, 2013

Ohio’s ethics agency has warned six of nine directors of Ohio’s fledgling privatized job-creation board that their business interests raise potential conflicts of interest.

Ed FitzGerald Calls For JobsOhio Transparency

FitzGerald 9-9-13
Ed FitzGerald calls for more transparency for JobsOhio.
9, 2013

Democrat Ed FitzGerald, who’s running for governor, unveiled a list of changes he’d like to see at JobsOhio if he were to take office. He says the private, non-profit job creation group should adopt these suggestions in order to be more transparent and efficient. The Cuyahoga County executive called for sunshine law requirements, public audits, [...]

Democrats Push For Last-Minute Audit Of JobsOhio

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September 4, 2013

Ohio Democrats are pushing for the state auditor to look into the books of the state’s new semi-private job creation program before he’s banned from doing so by a new state law.