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How Long Will The New “Black Cool” Last?

16, 2009

Much has been said and written about Barack Obama’s rise to the presidency and the racial barrier that fell with his election. WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee notes some stereotypes seem to be falling as well, at least for now.

More Needed to Meet Pell’s Goal

5, 2009

A man whose name is well known to two generations of college students died last week. Former Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell was the force behind – the Pell Grant program. The program has helped tens of millions of Americans go to college since its start in 1972. WOSU commentator Jerolyn Barbee is thankful for Pell Grants, but says more needs to be done to make college affordable.

Thanks, Sister Rosa Parks

1, 2008

This week marks the anniversary of the start of the Montgomery bus boycott. WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee says thanks.

Don’t Automatically Hate Taxes

15, 2008

It’s the stretch run of the campaign. When politicians are not vowing to cut taxes, they are accusing their rivals of wanting to raise taxes. WOSU Commentator Jerolyn Barbee wonders what’s so bad about taxes.

Home Foreclosures – Time for Lawmakers to Act

2, 2007

The sub-prime lending crisis has led to countless stories of home foreclosures… to most of us, the stories are just bits of time on the radio or television, or sections print in a newspaper. To most us the foreclosures are someone else’s problem. But WOSU commentator Jerolyn Barbee says the stories of other people’s problems affect everyone.