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Issue 2 Loses Big At The Polls

Democrats say Ohio's new GOP-backed congressional map shows the system is broken and unfairly favors the controlling party.
7, 2012

The proposed constitutional amendment that would have changed the way Ohio redraws legislative and congressional districts was turned down by Ohio voters.

“Voters First” Hits Airwaves With First Statewide TV Ads

A screen grab of the first statewide ad from Voters First, the main group supporting State Issue 2.
23, 2012

The group that’s backing a proposed change to Ohio’s constitution over redistricting is putting ads on the air statewide. Opponents insist the ad is misleading.

A Watered-Down Senate Bill 5?

Thousands of public workers turned out earlier this year to protest Senate Bill 5, but polls showed some parts of the law were popular, including increased pension and health care contributions.
10, 2011

Now that Ohio voters have overwhelmingly rejected the collective bargaining law, there’s talk of the GOP-dominated legislature pushing some of the law’s most popular parts.

Ohioans Head To The Polls

Ohioans head to the polls to vote on three statewide issues, schools board races, judgeships, and more than a thousand local tax measures.
November 8, 2011

Election Day follows months of heated campaigning and debates over limiting the collective bargaining rights of Ohio’s public employees.

Governor, Opponents Make Final Push For Issue 2 Votes

Supporters and opponents of Issue 2 made a final push for votes over the weekend. Both sides have events planned for Monday.
November 7, 2011

Both sides of the collective bargaining law have events scheduled on the day before Election Day.

Citizens United Jumping Into Issue 2 Fight

The new ad from Citizens United highlights changes to how teachers are paid.
November 4, 2011

The group made famous in a Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance is now funding ads in support of Issue 2.

Decision Nears On Issue 2

Public employees demonstrated against Senate Bill 5 earlier this year.
2, 2011

With less a week before Election Day, Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen brings us an overview of one of the most controversial ballot efforts in modern Ohio history.

Romney Clarifies Position On Issue 2

Mitt Romney says he didn't mean to create any confusion when he said he did not have a position on Ohio's Issue 2.
27, 2011

The Republican presidential candidate threw his support behind collective bargaining changes a day after saying he didn’t have a position on Issues 2 or 3.

First Issue 2 Debate Televised Statewide Brings Same Arguments

The pro Issue 2 side was represented by Rep. State Sen. Keith Faber. Labor and their allies got support from former Dem. Congressman Dennis Eckert.
October 26, 2011

A Senate Bill 5 supporter and opponent debated the measure at the WOSU Studios at COSI Tuesday night.

Poll: Opposition to Issue 2 Grows, Gap at 25%

Public employees demonstrate against Senate Bill 5 earlier this year.
25, 2011

Opponents of Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2 have increased their lead to 25 percent in the last poll.