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Did pension funds keep vow to dump Iran stock?

30, 2007

Are officials of government pension funds in Ohio keeping their promise to work toward selling off stock with links to Iran and Sudan? That’s the question that a top legislative leader wants an answer to.

House Speaker Sees Alternative to Forced Divestiture

5, 2007

A plan to force Ohio’s five pension funds to sell off stock in foreign energy and mineral companies doing business in Iran and Sudan is on hold.

Former CIA Director Endorses Ohio Plan for Companies Doing Business with Iran

3, 2007

Former C-I-A Director James Woolsey was in Ohio today to endorse a proposal to force state government pension funds to sell off their stock in companies that do business in Iran. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.

Ohio Lawmakers look at Pension funds linked to Iran investments

8, 2007

For the second time in a week, Ohio legislators are debating U.S. foreign policy. Earlier, they debated the war in Iraq and whether Ohio should accept war refugees. Now, lawmakers are looking at a proposal to force Ohio pension funds to dump stock in foreign corporations that do business with Iran.