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Number of Car Thefts Is Changing

14, 2007

There is good news on the car theft front in Ohio,at least it’s good news for car owners.

State warns seniors about life-insurance arrangements with investors

30, 2007

The state is warning seniors about risky life insurance pitches. The department of insurance alerted older Ohioans to be cautions about arrangements–called STOLI, where an investor group is likely to become the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Motorcyclists Turn Out for National Ride to Work Day

July 18, 2007

Several hundred motorcycle riding employees at Nationwide Insurance invited other Ohio bikers downtown today. It’s the second year the Columbus-based company has participated in National Ride to Work Day.

Poll pushes more governmentt health insurance for kids

7, 2007

Advocates of government social welfare programs in Ohio are touting a new poll to push state legislators to provide more health insurance to financially-strapped families with children. Some lawmakers say they’re already doing it in the latest state budget proposal, but the advocates want even more.

Legislation for diabetes insurance coverage

8, 2007

Advocates for Ohioans who have diabetes are hopeful that the state will follow the example of most of the rest of the nation in forcing insurance companies to cover diabetes supplies.

Winter insurance claims filed

16, 2007

Some Ohioans are filing insurance claims right now to cover damage caused by the winter snow storms.

Ohio Insurance Rates Among Lowest in U.S.

12, 2007

Car owners and homeowners in Ohio paid a little less for their insurance in 2005.

Insurance Companies Market Identity Theft Protection

30, 2006

Cases involving Ohio University and the Veterans Adminstration have increased worries about identity theft in recent weeks. Where there is worry, there is often a business opportunity. Insurance companies have gotten into the business of identity theft – selling policies designed to help customers set things right.

Columbus Based Insurance Company Ready for Hurricane Claims

29, 2005

Insurance companies, including Columbus-based Nationwide, are gearing up to handle the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

More universities require students to have health insurance

17, 2005

College students are a young and generally healthy bunch, but each year students are forced to drop out of school because of massive medical bills. On some campuses as many as 30-percent of students are uninsured.