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Attorney General Dewine May Sue Over Affordable Care Act Fee

Mike DeWine
22, 2015

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he may sue the federal government over a fee it requires the state to pay because of the Affordable Care Act.

Ohio Not Among Most Risky States To Insure

Storm damage in Columbus' Clintonville neighborhood.
17, 2014

If you’re afraid of natural disasters, there’s good news: Ohio ranks in the bottom 10 for states at risk for them. The bad news is, if you were planning to retire in Florida, you’d then be headed to the riskiest state of all.

More Ohioans Get Health Insurance

The number of Ohioans without health insurance dropped by 47,000 over the past year.
September 17, 2014

The federal government reports that the number of people without health insurance in Ohio fell by 47,000 during the past year.

Ohio Businesses Sue BWC For Insurance Overcharges

Thousands of Ohio businesses take the Bureau of Workers Compensation to court for charging too much for insurance.
10, 2014

Nearly a billion dollars is on the line in a lawsuit filed by 270,000 Ohio businesses against the state’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Ohio Insurance Plan To Help Children With Autism

autism ribbon
Ohio is moving to make sure health insurance plans will cover treatment and services for children with autism.
21, 2012

Ohio is moving to make sure health insurance plans will cover treatment and services for children with autism.

“Med Home” Health Care Model Promises Coordinated Care

Filling out medical paperwork and keeping track of appointments can be confusing. "Med Home" care tries to ease the burden with a "care coordinator."
31, 2011

A lack of coordination is a continuing criticism of the health care industry. A new model emerging in Ohio and around the country uses a “care coordinator.”

Report: Health Care Law Could Make Ohio Premiums Skyrocket

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, also Ohio's point-person on insurance matters, says federal health care changes will have widespread and expensive impacts.
September 21, 2011

The report commissioned by the state says some premiums could go up 150 percent.

Global, National Disasters Affect Local Insurance Rates

wx story pic
Damage from an EF4 tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A series of tornadoes struck the South during a three-day period in April. The Tuscaloosa tornado hit April 27, 2011.
13, 2011

“The idea that the [insurance] industry is going to reduce rates to consumers is wishful thinking given that the amount of losses has been at record levels.” Greg Locraft, Morgan Stanley Insurance Analyst

Tea Party Moves to Exempt Ohio From Health Care Mandate

7, 2011

“This is a serious effort at quarantining government power to its rightful place.”

Severe Ohio Storms Cause Higher Deductibles

5, 2010

Some insurance customers may be surprised to find their deductibles going up even if they never filed a claim for hail and wind damage. The rate hikes are not new but as Ohio experiences more hail storms more insurance rates could go higher.