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College Program for Seniors Ending

9, 2010

After 5 years, a life-long learning program for seniors at Columbus State Community College will end. The school says it wants to focus more on job services for those over 50. Some seniors are not happy about the decision.

Cap And Trade Bill Criticized At Columbus Event

23, 2009

A critic of so-called federal cap and trade climate legislation says it would cost Ohio 108,000 jobs. The head of a U.S. Chamber of Commerce energy think tank also told a Columbus audience electricity prices would rise 60 percent if the bill becomes law.

Fordham Institute: College Graduates “Flee” Buckeye State

15, 2009

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute has released a report titled Losing Ohio’s Future: Why college graduates flee the Buckeye State and what might be done about it. The Institutes’s Emmy Partin says part of the reason is due to practicality.

Critics, Supporters Debate Safe Havens Laws For Abandonmemnt of Newborns

12, 2009

The Delaware County sheriff’s office continues to look for witnesses in the abandonment of a newborn found earlier this week in a cluster of bushes . If found, the parent could face prosecution. Meanwhile Ohio’s Safe Havens law provides for the relinquishing of newborns without criminal consequences. But advocates and critics differ on the law’s effectiveness.

Number of Car Thefts Is Changing

14, 2007

There is good news on the car theft front in Ohio,at least it’s good news for car owners.