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Median Income For Columbus Households By Neighborhood

income map
Median income map for the Columbus area.
19, 2013

Every neighborhood has its stereotypes, and a lot of them are based on income. Everyone wants to know what their neighbors are making. Well, using census data, WNYC has mapped out median income by area for the entire United States.

Ohio State employees personal information stolen; University offers credit monitoring

18, 2007

Thousands of current and former Ohio State University employees have received notice their personal information was stolen from a university database. And the letters are continuing to be sent out. The breach happened earlier this month. But OSU did not send out letters for almost two weeks. WOSU’s Mandie Trimble spoke with OSU spokesperson Jim Lynch. Click on the icon to hear the interview.

Protecting Your Personal Information

26, 2005

Legislation has been introduced in Congress that would require companies to notify customers when their personal information is illegally accessed. The legislation follows further large-scale thefts of customer information from processing centers. Officials from OSU and Huntington Bank provide information on keeping personal information secure.

Police unveil web-based system to share information

1, 2005

Ohio top law enforcement official Tuesday unveiled a new information-sharing system for police agencies. State Attorney General Jim Petro says the web-based system is designed to detect and deter potential terrorists.