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Columbus Mayor Asks For City Income Tax Increase

27, 2009

It’s been almost thirty years since the city of Columbus has increased its income tax rate. Mayor Michael Coleman wants voters to approve an increase in an August special election. He said it’s the only way to keep the city operating at its current level. But opponents say mismanagement is at the root of the city’s economic troubles.

Committee Pushes Columbus Income Tax Hike

9, 2009

An economic advisory panel established by Mayor Coleman a year ago has issued its report on the financial condition of the city’s general fund. The panel says Columbus has no choice but to raise the city income tax.

Former President Clinton Campaigns Again in Ohio

Former President Clinton campaigns for Hillary in Chillicothe Monday. Ohio First Lady Frances Strickland looks on.
February 25, 2008

Bill Clinton today campaigned for his wife in Southern Ohio. The Former President made stops in Portsmouth, Athens and Lancaster. WOSU’s Sam Hendren reports on Bill Clinton’s visit to Chillicothe.

Move Underway to Abolish Income Tax in Ohio

13, 2007

Ohioans who dislike taxes might get a chance to wipe out one of the state’s largest.

HEAP offers financial relief for heat costs

9, 2007

With temperatures in some parts of Central Ohio reaching 100 degrees today Columbus residents are feeling the heat. Keeping cool inside the home has become a challenge for many – especially low income families. But there are options available to ease the burden of paying to stay cool.

ACORN sues over voter registration

21, 2006

Controversy over voter registration in Ohio heats up again with a lawsuit filed over access of low income Ohioans to registration.

Larger Income Tax Cut Expected

13, 2006

Ohio legislators are poised to speed up the 21 per cent state income tax cut that’s being phased in over several years.