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Median Income For Columbus Households By Neighborhood

income map
Median income map for the Columbus area.
19, 2013

Every neighborhood has its stereotypes, and a lot of them are based on income. Everyone wants to know what their neighbors are making. Well, using census data, WNYC has mapped out median income by area for the entire United States.

Ohio Ranks 7th Highest In Poverty

Homeless man
Ohio ranks 7th highest in poverty rate among states.
19, 2013

New census figures show that the number of Ohioans who fall below the poverty line is around 1.8 million.

Ohio Income Growth Outpaces Most Of The Nation

Per-capita personal income includes all earnings such as wages, dividends, interest income and rents. In Ohio, it rose by 1.7 percent to $39,289 between 2011 and 2012.
2, 2013

Ohio’s per-capita income rose at one of the fastest rates in the nation last year.

What Do You Think of the “Occupy Wall Street” Protests?

Posted: October 11, 2011

The “Occupy Wall Street” Protests have made their way to Columbus. The protesters denounce the widening income gap and corporate influence on lawmakers. What do you think of the protests?

Columbus Agency Helps Taxpayers Get Earned Income Credit.

12, 2010

Taxes are due later this week and one Columbus-area agency is helping some taxpayers get the most from their return.

State Income Tax Phase Out Supporters Claim Short-Changed At Hearing

25, 2010

Opponents of a proposal to phase out Ohio’s graduated state income tax had a big platform to make their case Wednesday. It was a hearing of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee. Supporters of the measure charged they were short-changed.

Thousands of Ohioans Missing Out on Federal Tax Break

29, 2010

Every year, thousands of low and moderate income Ohioans fail to take advantage of a federal tax break that’s worth thousands of dollars.

Columbus Voters Approve Hike To City Income Tax

(click image to enlarge) Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman thanks Issue One campaign manager Lee Roberts. The tax hike, the first in almost 30 years, won by about 3,000 votes.
5, 2009

For the first time in almost 30 years Columbus will see an increase in its income tax. Voters approved the 25 percent tax hike – something Mayor Michael Coleman said needed to happen to keep the city afloat.

Columbus Voters Cast Ballots On Two Tax Issues; Columbus Could See First Tax Hike In 30 Years

4, 2009

Columbus voters head to the polls today (Tuesday) to cast ballots on a couple of local issues: one, a proposed city income tax increase….the other a school levy. Both proposals have sparked fierce debates. WOSU gives a recap of the issues.

Absentee Ballots Give Early Edge to Income Tax Hike

4, 2009

The results of early absentee ballots counted in Columbus give the edge to supporters of an increase in the city income tax. The Franklin County Board of Elections reports 7,048 (59%) absentee voters voted for the income tax increase while 4,869 (41%) people voted against it.