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Two Indicted In BMV ID Scheme

An indictment accuses the two of taking money from and supplying valid drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants.
April 18, 2012

Prosecutors say Sekou Bayoh Kpoto took hundreds of dollars from people, then directed them to a Gahanna BMV office where Betina Young would issue them valid state ID cards and drivers licenses.

Dayton Looks To Rebuild With Immigrants

"Welcome Dayton" calls for an international marketplace, a World Cup-style soccer tournament, and a city-issued ID card for people who can't obtain a driver's license.
26, 2011

A plan to make the city more immigrant-friendly goes before the City Commission this week.

Immigration Uproar – How Did We Get Here

7, 2010

The fight over immigration reform continues. The US Justice Department this week challenged Arizona’s new tough immigration law. Recent Polls show while Ohioans support immigration reform, many also would support an Arizona – style crackdown here. WOSU Commentator Andrew Grant Thomas wonders how we got here.

Franklin County Offers Job Help To Immigrants

29, 2010

Franklin County Commissioners approved $2.5 million from the government to create job-help programs for refugees and immigrants.

Proposed Crackdown on Illegal Immigration in Ohio Now on Hold

11, 2010

Recently, backers of an Ohio crackdown on illegal immigration vowed to go to the ballot this November with a plan that would let local police enforce national immigration rules.

Ohio Lawmaker Calls for Tougher Immigration Law

28, 2010

A conservative state representative from southwest Ohio says the state needs to follow Arizona’s lead and pass a similar immigration law.

11 People Plead Guilty to Sham Marriage Schemes in Columbus

12, 2010

11 people in Columbus recently pleaded guilty for their involvement in sham marriage schemes. The pleas are the result of an investigation by local and federal officials led by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency. Prosecutors say foreign nationals paid thousands of dollars to wed Americans in hopes of longer stays and boosting citizenship chances in the United States.

Rock Star of the Immigrant Talent Movement Speaks Out

30, 2008

The outsourcing of U.S. jobs to other countries, has many Americans concerned. But this past week in Northeast Ohio, one of the loudest voices for keeping America strong in a time of offshore competition came from a man with a foreign accent.

Poll: Ohioans Want Tough Stand Against Illegal Immigrants

13, 2007

A new public opinion poll shows most Ohioans want to take a tough stand against illegal immigration.

Activists form pro-immigration coalition

24, 2007

Activists who call themselves immigrant rights advocates have formed a coalition in Ohio to fight proposals, aimed at ridding the state of illegal immigrants. Thirty of the activists traveled to Columbus Wednesday to make their case to state legislators.