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Some Immigrants In Columbus At Risk For Silent Killer

hepatitis b screening sign and patient
An immigrant is screened for Hepatitis B.
21, 2014

Central Ohio is home to some 70,000 Asian immigrants. And advocates worry a silent deadly disease is hidden in the population. Immigrants from Asia and some African nations face a greater risk for Hepatitis B and may not know they have it.

Coalition Pushes Immigration Reform Amid “Medical Repatriation”

The group "Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform" calls itself "a national network of faith, law enforcement and business leaders working together to educate and support members of Congress."
May 21, 2013

Ohio is reportedly one of 15 states where undocumented immigrants are being sent back to their home country after seeking medical care. That controversy and concerns regarding immigrants are sparking discussion about immigration reform all across the political spectrum.

New Americans In Ohio Have Hope For Better Life

Sunnyway Family
Roland Sunnyway with his family prepare to enjoy the holiday season.
13, 2011

A Liberian immigrant is optimistic as a new American citizen.

2010 Census Road Tour Focuses On Latino And Somali Communities.

14, 2010

The 2010 census road tour is crossing the Buckeye state to inform Latino and Somali communities how important it is to be counted this year.

Poll: Ohioans oppose benefits, privileges for illegal immigrants

13, 2007

A new poll finds most Ohio voters oppose government health benefits, schooling and driving privileges for illegal immigrants.

State Lawmakers Want to Welcome African Immigrants

28, 2007

Tens of thousands of Africans have immigrated to Ohio in the past decade, and some state legislators say it’s time the government set up a special commission to help the refugees settle into their new life.

Citizens denied medicaid

2, 2007

Last summer, Congress passed a new federal law, requiring medicaid recipients to prove they are U.S. citizens. One goal was to stop illegal immigrants from receiving free medical care, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Now, advocates for children are saying there has been an unintended consequence. Purely legal citizens, most of them children, are being denied the free medical care.

Local Mexican Immigrants Excited About World Cup

21, 2006

Passions are running high in Central Ohio’s Mexican community these days. It’s not over immigration. It’s not over a fence being built along the U.S. border. What’s caused the excitment among Mexicans living in Columbus is soccer. The Mexican national soccer team is a strong contender in this year’s world cup, and local Mexicans are doing everything they can to watch every game.

More Somalis Arrive in Columbus

3, 2005

Columbus’ Somali population is growing again. The head of the Somali Community Association, Hassan Omar, says hundreds, perhaps thousands more refugees will re-locate to Columbus from refugee camps.

Columbus Police Hold Language Summit

1, 2005

Police say recent immigrants to Central Ohio speak 59 different languages. Language and cultural barriers continue to be a problem for police as they try to help people and investigate crimes. Yesterday, many law enforcement officials met to find ways to break down that language barrier.