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Program Uses Text Messages To Link The Hungry With Pantries

Volunteer Janet Reuss helps distribute emergency food at a pantry supplied by the Mid-Ohio foodbank
December 15, 2014

The goal of the new Columbus program is to link people who need extra food with underused food pantries in their neighborhoods.

Report: More Than 1 in 6 Ohioans Seek Food Help

Ohio's largest resonse to hunger
Ohio Association of Food Banks says one in six Ohioans doesn't get enough to eat.
October 30, 2014

A new report on hunger finds that more than one in six Ohioans is struggling to get food on the table.

Turkey Dinners Given To Less Fortunate

23, 2010

Turkey with all the trimmings is on the Thanksgiving menu at local churches and community groups serving those less fortunate for the holiday. Several organizations are filling a growing need in central Ohio.

Political Dumpster Diving Trivializes Poverty

5, 2010

Bringing attention to the poor can prompt generous donations and policy changes. But WOSU commentator Stacia Kock says the new tactic of dumpster-diving for the poor leaves a sour taste.

New Study Shows Alarming Increases in Hungry Families in Central Ohio

2, 2010

A study out today indicates hunger in Ohio has increased by double-digits in recent years.

CEO of Children’s Hunger Alliance Announces Retirement

11, 2008

After more than a dozen years at the helm of a statewide program to feed children in need, Bill Dolan has announced he will retire in March.

Emergency Food Supplies Dwindling In Southeast Ohio.

1, 2008

Emergency food supplies are dwindling in Southeast Ohio and some food pantries in the region have now been forced to close.

The Hungry in Columbus Tell Their Story

20, 2006

The number of Ohioans who go hungry has increased for the past ten years. In 1996, there were 33 other states with numbers worse than Ohio. Today, only 12 states are worse off, but those are just numbers. WOSU puts a face and a voice to those numbers after speaking with some hungry people who eat at the Holy Family Soup Kitchen on the near west side. Click on the listen icon to hear their stories.

Progress and Problems Nourishing Ohio’s Children

1, 2006

Low-income parents and children face a challenge during June, July and August. The meals that the United States Department of Agriculture provides to public school are harder to come by in the summer. Organizations like “Children’s Hunger Alliance” have worked so that this year more of Ohio’s children are getting the same nutrition they need.

Food Industry Practices Hurt Central Ohio Foodbank

13, 2006

Tighter inventory controls among grocers are generally good for the company’s bottom line. But, the results of just-in-time deliveries and computer tracking of canned goods, condiments, and cereals have taken a toll on Central Ohio’s largest foodbank.