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Expert: Central Ohio Housing Market Recovery ‘Slow, Steady’

Real estate experts say Central Ohio's housing market is slowly recovering, showing signs of "manageable" growth.
19, 2013

The Central Ohio real estate market has seen its ups and downs over the past ten years. Prices peaked seven years ago, then plummeted when the housing bubble burst. Now sales and prices are on the rise – raising fears of another bubble. WOSU talked with a couple of real estate experts to find out where the Columbus market stands.

Central Ohio Home Sales Up First 6 Months

The more than 2,800 homes sold in Central Ohio last month marked the best July ever for the region.
21, 2013

The Columbus Association of Realtors said more homes were sold in the first seven months of the year than any other year they’ve kept records.

Central Ohio Home Sales Up; Becoming A Sellers’ Market

For Sale
Central Ohio home sales were up during the first three months of 2013. Experts say the market is turning to favor sellers.
22, 2013

Central Ohio home sales are up in the first quarter, and the pendulum is swinging toward a sellers’ market.

Ohio Home Sales Jumped Ten Percent In February

A survey from the Ohio Association of Realtors found 93 percent of realtors described the current housing market as moderate to strong; that's a 15 percent increase over last year.
21, 2013

Ohio home sales are up more than ten percent over last year. But the jump in sales has also depleted inventories.

First-Time Homebuyers Could Improve Other Areas Of Housing Market

As the economy improves, more first-time home-buyers are expected to enter the market which could help other lagging housing sectors such as the move-up market.
19, 2013

Since the housing bubble burst, mortgage lenders have instituted stringent requirements. WOSU takes a look at the current housing market and talks with a first-time homebuyer about the process.

Mixed Views On Central Ohio Housing Market

Central Ohio home sales were up for the tenth straight month in October.
19, 2012

Central Ohio home sales were up for the tenth straight month in October. While some realtors say this is a sign the area is “out of the woods,” other industry experts say “not so fast.”

New Home Builds Show Signs Of Life

new home builds
New home builds are up in March across the country. Suburbs of Central Ohio have experienced modest gains.
18, 2012

More people across the country planned to start building a house in March compared to last year. WOSU takes a look at what new construction looks like in Central Ohio.

RealtyTrac: Central Ohio Home Prices May Have Hit Bottom

Foreclosed home sale prices have increased - slightly - in Ohio. RealtyTrac, which follows market trends, said this could be a sign home prices have finally hit bottom.
1, 2012

In a possible sign that Central Ohio home prices have finally hit bottom, sale prices of foreclosed homes are rising – slightly.

Columbus Housing Market On The Mend?

12, 2011

While the country’s housing market continues to reel from financial disaster, some cities seem to have hit a relative bright spot…real estate experts say the markets bottomed out. Columbus appears to be one of them. WOSU reports on the city’s path to recovery.