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New Building Codes Win Support of Builders, State Leaders

The new code requirements are expected to raise the price of a new 1,800 square foot home by about $1,200.
7, 2012

Builders say the new requirements will come at a limited expense. But even small increases can price out thousands of potential buyers.

Real Estate Experts Differ On Rental Permanency

for rent
Demand for apartments in Columbus has increased since the housing collapse. Some industry experts think more people will choose to be renters than homeowners in the future.
22, 2012

More and more people are choosing to rent these days instead of taking the plunge and buying a house. And at least some of that can be attributed to the deflated housing bubble and the ensuing credit crunch. WOSU reports experts disagree on whether the increase in renting is permanent.

Nursing Home and Home Health Agencies Say Budget Decisions “Life or Death”

25, 2009

Nursing home operators in Ohio and those who run home health care agencies work to divert the budget ax.

Foreclosure Caravan Hits the Suburbs

18, 2009

The foreclosure crisis is hitting Ohio in the worst way. But two local Realtors hope to educate the public by showing foreclosed properties to potential buyers with their Foreclosure Caravan Tours.

State representatives pass foreclosure filings bill

12, 2007

The foreclosure crisis has left thousand of homes vacant and neighborhoods vulnerable to criminals who move into those homes to set up illegal businesses, or to strip them of anything valuable. House lawmakers have approved a change that they say will make it easier to find out who owns a foreclosed home.

Advocates look for builders to design homes with disabled in mind

10, 2005

So you’ve saved and dreamed and now you’re ready to build your home. Find an architect, locate a builder, and you’re on your way – right? Not exactly… not here in central Ohio… not if you’re looking for a home designed to meet the needs of the disabled or people with with limited mobility. WOSU’s Christina Morgan prepared this report on the experience of one central Ohio woman…