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Community Shelter Board Gets Help From City Council

9, 2010

As Columbus homeless shelters face record demand, the city of Columbus is stepping up to help. This year the number of people seeking shelter has increased by unprecedented amounts, and the shelter board is running out of money to house them.

Homeless Shelters Yet To Feel Pinch Of Government Cuts

6, 2010

Frigid temperatures are forcing the homeless into Columbus shelters. While social service agencies are feeling the strain of state budget cutbacks, homeless shelters seem to be insulated from the cash crunch – at least for now.

Local Professor Produces A Documentary On The Homeless Community In Columbus

24, 2009

The homeless community in Columbus is often voiceless. But Ohio Wesleyan professor Mary Howard has made an effort to change that. She produced “Swept Out”, a documentary about the homeless community in Columbus. WOSU’s Kim Fox talks to Howard in the Q&A about her film.

Federal Ruling Allows Park Bench Address for Homeless Voters

28, 2008

A federal court ruling in Ohio says counties must allow homeless voters to list as their addresses park benches and other locations that are not buildings.

Columbus Advocate for Homeless Knows “Life in Trenches”

Jerry Pierce, Erika Clark Jones at "living on the land" site, west Columbus.
June 9, 2008

Erika Clark Jones is wrapping up her third month as the director of Homeless and Social Services for the city of Columbus.

Columbus’ Advocate for Homeless first such position in the country

Erika Jones, Columbus' new Advocate for the Homeless and Social Services, speaking at the First Mission men's shelter on E. 8th Ave.
March 6, 2008

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Thursday created a new cabinet position: Advocate for the Homeless and Social Services. City and homeless officials say it’s also the first such position in the country.

Community Shelter Board: Number of Homeless in Central Ohio Might be Down

29, 2008

Community Shelter Board officials say initial estimates indicate that Franklin County might have fewer homeless people living outside shelters than last year.

Poll reflects growing anxiety about becoming homeless

16, 2007

A new national poll shows more people are now worried about becoming homeless. In Columbus, advocates for the homeless say the Gallup poll reflects growing anxiety among Americans about keeping a roof over their heads.

State increases money for poor and homeless

15, 2007

Groups that help homeless and low income Ohioans are getting more than 20 million dollars from the state.

Homeless count draws critics

31, 2007

For the past several years The Community Shelter Board has tried to find out just how many people in Columbus don’t have a place to call home. Thursday morning about 100 volunteers braved the cold winds to try to get an accurate count. But the census faces criticism faces criticism from local advocates.