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Ohioan Recalls Civil Rights Struggles in Birmingham

18, 2009

Americans are celebrating the life of Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, the civil rights leader whose followers brought tremendous change to the South. One of the places were Doctor King labored was Birmingham, Alabama, a city whose fabric included fire hoses, police dogs and Bull Connor. In the first in a series of recollections by Ohioans, a Birmingham native recalls what it was like growing up during the struggle for civil rights.

Ohio Students Step Into Digital Classroom

7th grade teacher Sean Holland using an electronic interactive whiteboard
September 15, 2006

75% of classrooms in the United Kingdom are using multi-media computer technology to help teach students. In Ohio that number is only 2%. At John Sells Middle School in Dublin teachers have begun incorporating digital instruction into their lessons. School officials say they don’t yet have concrete data to gauge the effectiveness of digital learning. But they say they’re encouraged by what they’ve seen so far.