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Minority Communities Grow In Franklin County

25, 2011

As the 2010 Census numbers continue to trickle out, the most recent figures released show Franklin County is more diverse.

Columbus Hosts Latino Cancer Summit

18, 2009

The first Latino cancer summit was held Thursday in Columbus. Attendees heard from the former president of the American Cancer Society who called for a shift in the cancer treatment paradigm.

Hispanics- Long-Time A Part of American Culture

13, 2008

The US census Bureau reports Hispanics comprise 15 percent of the United States population. That could rise to 30 percent by the year 2050. WOSU Commentator Elizabeth Martinez says its time Hispanics are looked upon less as immigrants and more as members of American culture.

Swell in growth of immigrant communities spurs need for interpreters.

22, 2007

Local interpreter training and placement service doubles size as need grows in Central Ohio.

Members of Columbus’ Hispanic community comemorate the victims of a tragic apartment fire.

25, 2005

Members of Columbus’Hispanic community used their annual Good Friday Procession to honor the 10 victims of last September’s fatal fire at the Lincoln West Apartment complex.