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Hilliard Schools dispute headed to federal mediator

13, 2008

A federal mediator is now involved in a contract dispute between Hilliard School District teachers and administrators after teachers overwhelmingly defeated the district’s latest contract proposal.

March Ballot Issues approved

28, 2007

Franklin County Board of Elections to another step toward finalizing the March 4, 2008 primary election ballot.

Electronic Voting Has Its Glitches

One of Franklin County's 4,200 iVotronic touch screen voting machines
May 2, 2006

Early voting in Franklin County’s May 2nd primary was beset with glitches.

Controversial Sign Regulations Considered in Hilliard

16, 2006

The City of Hilliard is proposing tough new regulations on signs. If adopted, new businesses could only erect signs close to the ground. Lighted signs would have to be turned off after a business closes, and most signs in windows would be prohibited. A Hilliard official says it’s a matter of safety and aesthetics; members of the business community say they were never consulted about the new rules.