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Clinton Leads Paul, Bush In Ohio Poll

U.S. Sen. Ron Paul, former Secretary of State and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are among the leading candidates, according to the swing state poll by Quinnipiac University.
March 31, 2015

A new independent poll says Ohio voters favor Hillary Clinton over other likely presidential candidates.

Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads GOP Field in Ohio, Ties John Kasich

Hillary Clinton holds leads over GOP presidential contenders in Ohio, except for John Kasich.
February 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton tops all Republican contenders for president in Ohio, except for Governor John Kasich where they are statistically tied.

New Ohio poll: Hillary leads McCain, Obama trails

22, 2008

A new poll continues to suggest that Hilliary Clinton would do better than Barack Obama against John McCain in Ohio and other eastern swing states.

Hillary Clinton Posts Win In Ohio

5, 2008

Hillary Clinton won a smashing victory last night over Barack Obama in Ohio’s Democratic presidential primary, halting a string of 11 straight losses in other primary states.

Ohio Delegate Math – Hillary picks up nine more than Barack

5, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s win in Ohio’s Democratic presidential primary election, is not going to help her catch up very much with Barack Obama in the crucial race for convention delegates.

Hillary Clinton Holds Economic Summit in Zanesville

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland at the economic summit in Zanesville Wednesday
February 28, 2008

Six days before the March 4th primaries, Hillary Clinton tried to persuade Ohioans that her plans to revive the faltering [U.S.] economy can also resuscitate her dwindling campaign. The Democratic presidential candidate and former first lady held a round-table discussion on economic issues yesterday at Ohio University’s Zanesville campus. From Ohio Public Radio station W-O-S-U, Sam Hendren reports

Democrats Tackle Tax Returns and NAFTA in Last Debate

27, 2008

Issues facing Ohio were some of the main topics in last night’s Democratic Presidential debate in Cleveland. In the final head-to-head match-up before next week’s Ohio primary, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama found some common ground on how to help the state’s economy.

Former President Clinton Campaigns Again in Ohio

Former President Clinton campaigns for Hillary in Chillicothe Monday. Ohio First Lady Frances Strickland looks on.
February 25, 2008

Bill Clinton today campaigned for his wife in Southern Ohio. The Former President made stops in Portsmouth, Athens and Lancaster. WOSU’s Sam Hendren reports on Bill Clinton’s visit to Chillicothe.

Central Ohio Receives Dose of Presidential Politics.

15, 2008

Hillary Clinton spent the whole day Thursday in Ohio. With some signs that support for her may be slipping, it’s considered a must-win state, even by her backers. That’s why she wrapped up the day with a speech on the Ohio State University campus, where support for her rival, Barrack Obama, seems strong.

Chelsea Clinton campaigns for mom at Ohio State

13, 2008

Democrat Senator Hillary Clinton at one time had more delegates than her opponent Senator Barack Obama. But that’s changed. As Ohio’s March fourth presidential primary draws near the candidates are campaigning more aggressively. Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, visited several Ohio colleges Wednesday in hopes of drawing young voters to her mother’s campaign. Clinton made her first stop at Ohio State University.